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  • Our secure online order form is manual for submission of order information only, therefore, you will not receive an automatic confirmation email. Your order along with any credit card information will NOT be processed until we've contacted you to confirm the information associated with your order (with the exception of Gift Trees and Sampler Packages which are processed and shipped as soon as possible). We will email your invoice after we process your order.
  • ALL of our tree seedling products are 100% guaranteed to arrive fresh and healthy! Any products that are less than satisfactory will be replaced immediately if we are notified within 24 hours of receipt of shipment.
  • All of our products will arrive fresh, and fully assembled with the exception of our tree favor kits.
  • Because of the "nature" of our product, please allow at least three weeks lead time in order to provide you with the best service possible.
  • All orders are shipped via Fedex or SpeeDee Delivery the week of the event with guaranteed delivery no later than Thursday before the event unless requested otherwise.
  • All gift tree, remembrance or memorial orders do not require any advance notice and will be shipped as soon as possible.
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    Mail Orders To: The GreenWorld Project
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  • A minimum of 25 trees per packaging option, excluding the gift tree and centerpiece.
  • A boxing fee will be charged to each order accordingly.
  • We will be happy to provide you with a total for your order before you submit it. Call toll free 800-825-5122
  • Because we feel that there is no room for error, we will be calling you to verify your order, so be sure and provide a telephone number where you can be reached during business hours.
  • Orders must be prepaid in full 2 weeks prior to ship date. 25% deposit required at time of order.
  • Orders cancelled 2 weeks or more before shipment will receive a 100% refund. Otherwise the 25% deposit is forfeited.
  • We reserve the right to apply a 20% rush charge for orders placed within 2 weeks of event dates (or 1 week prior to ship dates). This does not apply to memorial, sampler package or Gift Tree orders.
  • If changes must be made to your order, please notify us no later than 3 weeks prior to the event date or a late change fee of $25.00 will be applied.
  • Pay by check, money-order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
  • Instructions are provided on how to care for the tree seedlings until your event.

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What can we provide?

Our greenhouse grows 5 to 6 million containerized tree seedlings every year. We are one of a very few greenhouse complexes in the US that use cogenerated heat as our primary heat source. We use the cooling tower water which is piped in from our neighboring power plant which heats our greenhouse, reducing our use of fossil fuel energy significantly. Our tree seedlings are grown using modern technology with computerized climate control to keep the proper growing temperatures, lighting, carbon dioxide atmosphere enrichment, fertilization and watering. We have the capability and experience to provide for all of your green events and we are available to serve as a consultant for any variables that may be presented. That being said, please be aware that there are times when a little finesse is required when dealing with a living, growing product and timing can be a big factor regarding very large orders to ensure survivability to various locations, so plan ahead and inquire with plenty of time.

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Can you ship to Canada?

While we'd love to accommodate our friends and neighbors in Canada (you're only an hour and half drive from here to the border), it is costly for shipping (don't forget about duty tax which would be your responsibility), inspections for live plant matter (required phytosanitary certificates), and we don't feel that we could guarantee delivery in time for special events (if cost is not an issue). So, we sadly have to turn you away and advise you to find a vendor in Canada. The restrictions and regulations are in place to protect you and your eco system. If you're looking for very large orders, without any special packaging, we may be able to help you. Just give us a call at 800-825-5122

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What kind of trees will be sent?

While you're welcome to select whatever tree species you would like, we will guide you upon confirmation of your order (we want your seedling to survive!). Please see our Tree Info page for more information

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Where should I plant my tree seedling?

Be sure and select a location away from house foundations, driveways, sidewalks, power lines and foundation walls of any kind. Though your seedling is small now, it will eventually reach heights of 50 ft or more with annual growth at 6 to 12 inches. If you're undecided on where to plant your seedling, starting them in a pot for the first couple of years is acceptable.

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What type of soil should I use?

A soilless mixture is best. Also referred to as a sterile mix because it doesn't contain soil, which can contain bacteria and fungi that is harmful to seedlings and plants. PH of the soil should be between 6 and 8. Purchasing an African Violet soil mixture (appears to be widely available) would be suitable if you're unsure of the PH.

Garden soil tends to be heavy and begins to compact after several waterings. This compaction is especially hard on the tender roots of young seedlings just getting established.

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Why instructions call for digging up a large hole for such a small seedling?

It is important to make the hole wide because the roots on the seedling must push through surrounding soil in order to establish. Breaking up the soil in a large area around the tree provides the newly emerging roots room to expand into loose soil to hasten establishment. Adding mulch acts as a blanket to hold moisture, it moderates soil temperature extremes, and it reduces competition from grass and weeds.


Should I fertilize my seedling?

The first year your tree is planted it is important to establish a good strong root system to support your tree seedling. Many fertilizers encourage the top of your tree to grow, not the roots. For that reason many experts recommend waiting until the second year to fertilize.


It's getting very cold outside. Should I bring my seedling indoors?

Your seedling is "happiest" outdoors and requires 6 to 8 weeks of dormancy annually. By leaving it outdoors Mother Nature can provide just the right conditions for this to occur. If your seedling is in a pot and weather conditions are below zero, bring your seedling indoors. Potted tree seedlings do not have adequite insulation protecting the roots from freezing and ultimately killing them.

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The ground is frozen. What should I do with my seedling?

This time of year the tree seedling you received is dormant. This means that it has shut down for the winter and is not actively growing. If you have winter weather now, you have a couple of options to care for the seedlings until spring.

To hold the seedling for Spring planting: Carefully remove the plastic bag covering the roots and place entire seedling in a plastic bag that can be closed. Put a pin hole in the bag so the tree can "breathe". The seedling may now be kept in your refrigerator until early spring. Keep the root ball moist and the bag closed. Check every few weeks to make sure the seedling is not too moist (beginning to mold) or too dry. plant in early spring after ground thaws, following outside planting instructions.
Follow indoor planting instructions.

dormant tree seedlings

Planting suggestions for your tree seedlings

Outdoor Planting:

  • Choose a sunny location
  • Prepare a hole 18" across and 12" deep.
  • Half-fill with rich soil. Mix in some dry leaves or pine needles.
  • Remove seedling from protective casing. Center root plug.
  • Fill hole and pack soil firmly but gently.
  • Soak well with at least one gallon of water (under watering is more harmful than over watering.)
  • Water regularly when there is no rain.
Indoor Planting:
  • Choose a large container (approx. one gallon) with drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Follow outdoor planting instructions, watering well.
  • after initial watering, water only when dry.
  • in the Fall, place in a cool spot away from direct heat, to set dormancy until Spring.

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