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Bill and Cathy SaywardOwners, Bill and Cathy Sayward bring a life long love of the woods and decades of experience in forestry to the management and growth of The GreenWorld Project. Both are dedicated to provide not only quality tree seedlings but have also become an inspiration by example, motivating those around them to reach new heights.

Our original favor designs were a spark of natural creativity that made their debut many years ago when The GreenWorld Project was born. It would be the very start of eliciting the use of tree seedlings for favors and gifts, making us an important part of the environmental era that exists today.

We believe that giving a tree seedling as a gift or favor is an opportunity to put trees in the hands of people who may not have considered planting a tree otherwise. Society at large is taking a more personal interest in their environment, and the gift of just a single seedling can open the door for individuals to become more active as stewards to the world around them. Regardless of the occasion, a tree seedling provides a living, lasting remembrance that can bring years of enjoyment.

Our greenhouse grows 5 to 6 million containerized tree seedlings every year. We are one of very few greenhouse complexes in the US that use cogenerated heat as our primary heat source. We use the cooling tower water which is piped in from our neighboring power plant which heats our greenhouse, reducing our use of fossil fuel energy significantly. Our tree seedlings are grown using modern technology with computerized climate control to keep the proper growing temperatures, lighting, carbon dioxide atmosphere enrichment, fertilization and watering.

We have the capability and experience to provide for all of your green events and we are available to serve as a consultant for any variables that may be presented. That being said, please be aware that there are times when a little finesse is required when dealing with a living, growing product and timing can be a big factor regarding very large orders to ensure survivability to various locations, so plan ahead and inquire with plenty of time.

tree seedling greenhouse
Pepper - please check out your local humane society if your interested in a pet

Pepper keeps those around her on their toes and provides a lot of moral support as she rides "shot gun" on various errands. Her boundless energy and antics keep everyone in smiles. Keep up the good work little buddy.

(Pepper was adopted from our local Humane Society. If you're thinking of getting a pet, please check them out first)

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