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You've chosen your it's time to make it your own. While we've provided you with some options including poems/borders and color choices , you've found your own message or have your own design. Making it "your own" is as easy as emailing your design or message and we'll take it from there. Below are the dimensions of your choice. If you require a full bleed design, we'll have to outsource printing for an additional charge. Otherwise, the sky is the limit when keeping within the parameters we have listed here.

Your designs should be 200 dpi or more for a crisp, clean look. All custom text will be printed exactly as you have submitted it, so be sure punctuation and spelling are correct. NOTE: There are no limitations on text, however, if you have a lengthy message we may have to reduce the font size which could make reading difficult for some.

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(Eco-Tree, Burlap Tree, Shimmer Tree, Tulle Tree, Cotton 'n Camo Tree & Tree Kits)

add a tag for eco-tree, burlap tree, shimmer tree, tulle tree, cotton /n camo tree and tree favor kits

go green with recycled paper

Soft Pack Tree

soft pack tree design

go green with recycled paper

PLEASE NOTE: Mail-A-Tree/Birdfeeder Tree inserts are rolled and put into a tube, therefore, primary images/text should be placed at the top 3 1/4 inches with secondary info in the lower portion of your layout.

8" Mail-ATree

8 inch mail-a-tree design

10" Mail-A-Tree/Birdfeeder Tree

10 inch mail-a-tree design

14" Mail-A-Tree/Birdfeeder Tree

14 inch mail-a-tree design

Bag & Tag Trees

bag & tag tree seedling design

Custom Seed Packets

custom seed packets


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